Canon Oce ProStream

Contact Person :
Hadi Supeno
HP. +62 81 712 6432

Social Media :
Instagram : Samafitropps
Facebook : Pps Samafitro

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Features Oce ProStream :

  1. In 2 up A4 production at a web speed of 80 m/min, the Oce ProStream puts out up to 1,076 A4/min or 35 million A4 per month.
  2. Integrate efficieny into your workflow .
  3. The Oce ProStream is made to reproduce high and consistent quality on every print run.


Benefit Oce ProStream :

The Oce ProStream is designed for maximum quality, productivity, efficiency, up-time and reliability and every installed engine is backed by an expert team to integrate and service it in the most demanding production environments.