CANON Oce VarioPrint 6000+

Contact Person :
Hadi Supeno
HP. +62 81 712 6432

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Instagram : Samafitropps
Facebook : Pps Samafitro


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Features Oce VarioPrint 6000 TITAN :


  1. Productivity-accelerating, industry-leading monochrome print speeds of up to 328 ipm.
  2. Sharp, offset-like tone delivered by CopyPress and ScreenPoint technology.
  3. Capability to print on lightweight media, for stock as thin as 45 gsm.
  4. Flexible media handling, supporting 350 x 500 mm format. Offers a book-on-demand solution.


Benefit Oce VarioPrint 6000 TITAN :


The ultimate monochrome cut sheet production press has arrived. The VarioPrint 6000 TITAN series promises market-leading output speeds and uptime, game-changing quality and pioneering sustainability.