LXiR190 Versatile 1.9m width Standard UV-LED Roll-To-Roll printer

Contact Person :

Budiman Harto
Off.  021 2949 5500
HP. +62 852 8205 9911

Additional Information

Max Print Speed LED          :  45 m2/h
LED LAMP LIFETIME           : (10,000hrs)
Anti-head Crash
Media Weight                        :  80kg
Max Print Size                       :  1880mm
Max Channel                         :  up to 6 Printhead
Quality                                   :  6 Picoliter
5 Color                                   :  CMYK W

Additional Information and
 Features :

  1. The new JETRIX LXiR UV Roll-To-Roll range also features the versatile 1.9 meter wide printer.
  2. Equipped with the very latest Konica Minolta heads, it delivers excellent quality, high speed printing, super productivity with its multi-roll function and features an accurate feeding system.
  3. In addition, overall operating costs are significantly reduced, due to the low power consumption
    of the LED lamps and the associated long period before they need to be replaced.
  4. The JETRIX LXiR190 will open up new printing opportunities and promises to consistently deliver
    excellent output quality all at a very competitive price!