Adelco Ellipse Oval

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      1. Modular and expendables
      2. High production
      3. Smooth, Quiet operation
      4. Precision in motion
      5. Strong and stable structure


Benefits :

The Adelco Ellipse Oval can be configured for almost any screen-printing production requirement up to 52 stations and allowing for 16 colours. With its’ modular make-up, this screen printer can be easily scaled up as your business and print requirements grow. It’s available in three standard print formats with a high power servo index, allowing for cycle times of 700 or more prints per hour.

Precision printing is achieved using the Ellipse Oval, as pallets are locked front and back, offering accuracy of +/- 0.02mm. The Ellipse Oval also features a unique floating pallet design, which is chainless for extreme longevity and smooth pallet index.

The Ellipse Oval features an advanced Siemens PLC control system with human interface for all operator functions including auto start and auto finish.


Specifications :


Electerical requirements

< 28 stations – 1phase 220V 1,5KW + 700 Per print head

Electerical requirements

>28 stations – 1phase 220V 2,5KW + 700 Per print head

Air supply

100 Psi / 7 Bar – 3 CFM Per print head

Carousel L Model

16 colours, 52 stations max print area 70 X 100 cm

Carousel M Model

8 colours, 36 stations max print area 60 X 80 cm

Carousel S Model

8 colours, 36 stations max print area 60 X 80 cm