Contact Person :

Budiman Harto
Off.  021 2949 5500
HP. +62 852 8205 9911

Additional Information

High Productivity 3.2m width
Max Print Speed                   : 92 m2/h
LED LAMP lifetime              : (10,000hrs)
Anti-head Crash
Media Weight                        : 150kg
Max Print Size                       : 3200mm
Quality Max Channel up to 14 Printhead
7 Color                                   : CMYK W LC LM

Additional Information and  Features :

    1. The JETRIX LXiR320 delivers maximum productivity using high speed print heads.
    2. Featuring the latest LED curing system, the printer offers minimal energy usage and reduces operational costs significantly compared to other printers on the market.
    3. The JETRIX LXiR320 can handle multi roll printing with up to 3 rolls, which enables productivity to increase
      when printing on smaller media – whether it is paper, vinyl or polyester. In addition, its robust media capability also
      enables single rolls of up to 150kg to be used, with front & rear double rollers ensuring consistently accurate feeding.
    4. The JETRIX LXiR320 is a technically advanced entry level 3.2 meter LED Roll-To-Roll printer which gives high-speed
      printing possibilities, combined with superb results at an extremely competitive price.